Activity Request Form

Please use this form for any on-site activity requests you may need to submit.

  • Please allow 7-10 days for approval. Only department heads are permitted to submit activity requests.

Event Calender Information

  • The info below will also be used on the website calendar so please be thorough. All website events must be approved and submitted one month in advance of the event for website inclusion. Allow 1-2 extra weeks if artwork is needed.
  • Artwork

  • We need to have art for each event so that it is attractive on the webpage and looks uniform in how our page lays out. Also, this is then good to use for promotion of events via social media as well. All images need to be formatted to the following guidelines: 1. 960x450 pixels (width x height) 2. 72dpi resolution If you are needing artwork remember that you must leave an additional 1-2 weeks so that attractive art may be produced for you!


  • Department head/Organizer is responsible for kitchen clean-up. The clean up of the kitchen includes the following areas: 1. No left-over food. 2. Wash & clean all containers. 3. Wipe clean stove and all counter-tops. 4. Empty all trash containers and take to the trash dumpster.
  • Funds

  • Other Money Needed

  • All purchases/charges/activities, etc. over $20.00 must also have had a PURCHASE REQUISITION (online or in the church office) BEFORE any monies are distributed.


  • If this is a youth or children's activity that requires you to transport under age children away from the church, or is an activity at the church at a time other than during a service, you are required to have an appropriate number of adult sponsors.


  • 1. Make sure the van has gas. Reimbursement slips are in the church office. 2. Please leave the van/s in the condition (including gas) in which you found them. Thank you.

Additional information