All In The Family

February 14, 2016 Download: Audio



Pastor Toney shares with us how God wants us to design our family through the acrostic FAMILY.

Key Verse

Colossians 3:18-21 (AMP)

18 Wives, be subject to your husbands [subordinate and adapt yourselves to them], as is right andfittingandyour proper duty in the Lord.
19 Husbands, love your wives [be affectionate and sympathetic with them] and do not be harsh orbitter orresentful toward them.
20 Children, obey your parents in everything, for this is pleasing to the Lord.
21 Fathers, do not provoke orirritate orfret your children [do not be hard on them or harass them], lest they become discouraged andsullen andmorose andfeel inferior andfrustrated. [Do not break their spirit.]

Additional Verses

Matthew 6:14-15 (AMP)
Deuteronomy 6:6-9 (AMP)
Proverbs 6:20-23  (KJV)
Mark 9:35 (KJV)