Renee Moore-Sunday Morning

August 28, 2016 Download: Audio

Renee’ Moore is a revivalist/evangelist, credentialed with the Assemblies of God who has traveled in evangelistic ministry full-time since 1998, ministering to various congregations, denominations, and groups of people across the U.S. and in several countries including Rwanda, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Jamaica, & Mexico.

After suffering a tramautic brain injury resulting in a near death experience at the age of 3, Renee’ was healed 17 years later of debilitating seizures, a miracle verified by doctors reports.

Born and raised in an Assemblies of God parsonage, Renee’ has experienced the fires of Pentecost, both past and present, and preaches with a depth of anointing that stirs the hearts of believers bringing them into a fresh encounter with God. The Word she delivers is centered around solid, Bible based, doctrinally sound patterns for revival, offering a fresh, new perspective bridging the generational gap, and making Scripture relevant to today’s generation.